Xexor is the angel of Miracles. He is of the Seraphim choir, and his soul color is Gray Thistle. His cherubic animal is the true white buffalo, and his soul flower is the miracle berry flower.


City of Dis
Beacon City, as Mark Quigley

General Personality

Xexor, most of the time, appears absolutely bored and apathetic, as if life is so dull that he just wants to drop dead to escape it. This would be an accurate description of his attitude as well - it is very difficult for Xexor to become personally engaged in the world around him, even to events in his own life. He is effortlessly blunt and forthright in his opinions, and doesn't go out of his way to impress anybody, and it's extremely obvious that he doesn't care about impressing others either. Xexor is distant in his face-to-face interactions with other people and doesn't speak unless there is pressing need for him to - yet in modern eras, he lives to communicate with friends through his Sidekick and the Internet, and if a person really wants to connect with him, they should try those mediums first. A puzzling paradox to Xexor's nature is that he is so distant, reserved, and passive in his interactions with others, yet he constantly keeps himself in the company of other people and has a startling awareness of the current events and drama happening to the people around him. This is because he lives vicariously through others, since he often gives up on his own ability to lead a normal, stressful life like everyone else.

He feels that way because miracles manifest very obviously around Xexor, as his life is dominated by the utterly ridiculous miracles that occur to him a daily basis. This is to the point that he has become so bored and apathetic with life, since it is not often that he feels pain, starvation, or hardship of any kind, and without experiencing the pain of daily living, it's much harder to appreciate the joy in it. He lives through other people in the hope of getting a taste of the struggles and triumphs that people go through every day. It is actually during Xexor's rare times of hardship and strife that he becomes enthusiastic and excitable, and his solid leadership ability and assertive nature starts to take charge.

General Appearance

Xexor is a lean-framed young man, with the somewhat gangly physique of a distance runner and only about 5'7 at his tallest. His skin tone is typically a swarthy tan/pale mocha, and his eyes are grey-violet in color, and they are often staring at some distant location or heavy-lidded, as if he will fall asleep while you are talking to him. His hair is ash-blond, straight, and on the stiff, difficult-to-manage side, often left to grow in medium-long chunks that frame his face and fall around his shoulders. Again, his face rarely betrays emotion other than absolute, earth-shattering boredom, and when he speaks aloud, typically a siiiiiiiiiiiiigh proceeds his words. His voile is a flowy mess of grey-thistle cloth with an Arabian prince styling to it. His stasis age is 32.

Sphere Manifestation

Miracles are beneficial events that fly in the face of the laws of science, nature, probability, and order. Miracles can also refer to statistically likely events (such as births) that are regarded as blessed. A person must be able to believe in the supernatural or in a higher power before they can truly believe in a miracle, but as Xexor is an angel himself, we can safely assume that supernatural forces are at work with the utterly improbable events around him.

Xexor's life is a progression of miracles that occur to him, on a mundane scale when he is unawakened (surviving a plague, finding quarters on the street, a stranger catching his coffee before it hits the ground) and on a fantastic scale when he is awakened (finding winning lottery tickets on the street, the queen's personal limousine offering him a ride to school when he accidently misses the bus, leading a World of Warcraft clan that consists entirely of straight, intelligent, and easy-going young women). While his miracles rarely occur to other people directly, because of Xexor's nature, he will give the people around him the benefit of his miracles if he is able to share them. Some angelic spheres are able to slow or counter the effect of Xexor's when in close proximity, such as Sadriel's, while other spheres simply compound the ridiculousness of his power, such as Zlar's.